Robot Ice Drink Shop

Robot ice drink shop is designed for outdoor application scenario like food festival, outdoor activities, carnivals and so on in consideration of the deployment flexibility. The decoration of this ice drink shop can be adjusted according to different application scenarios. The basic function of this product is to serve soft drinks including bubble tea, fruit tea, milk tea, juice, ice cream and so on. The speed of processing can be customized based on the requirements of different application scenarios.

  • Series: MOCOM
  • Model No.: MMF011A
  • Product Detail


    Parameters of robot milk tea outdoor station

    Voltage  220V 1AC 50Hz
    Power installed  18kw
    Dimension (WxHxD)  3800x2800x2600mm
    Application environment  Outdoor
    Average drink making time  50 seconds
    Nos of channels for fluid supply  8
    Nos of channels for fruit jams  4
    Nos of channels of ice cream machine  2
    Payment method  WeChat pay and Ali pay

    Functions of Robot ice drink shop MMD011A

    • Touch screen ordering onsite.

    • Soft drinks and ice cream making through robot arms automatically.

    • Vision interaction including illumination and touch screen.

    • Ice drink shop inner hardware status real-time monitoring and fault alarm.

    • Android based operation management system.

    • Balanced material real-time display and material supplement reminder

    • Consumption data analysis and export

    • User management and ordering management

    • WeChat pay and Alipay


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