Ice cream robot

  • Robot Ice Cream and Juice Kiosk

    Robot Ice Cream and Juice Kiosk

    MOCOM series robot ice cream and juice kiosk is designed with transparent dome, which can increase the sense of vision interaction. Meanwhile, the atmosphere stripe light both on top of desk and at the bottom of kiosk can also increase the sense of science and technology, attracting the consumers. The basic function of this kiosk is to serve the ice cream with optional dry topping and juice automatically by collaborative robot arm.

  • Robot Barista Coffee Kiosk With Snacks

    Robot Barista Coffee Kiosk With Snacks

    Robot barista coffee kiosk with snacks MMF011A is designed for indoor application scenarios like shopping mall, office building, airport, transportation hub and other places with the spacious indoor space and wide vision. The product is designed as enclosed type kiosk with four sets of robot arms working together, serving the consumers with coffee, ice cream, juice and snacks. All the processes of drink and food making are operated by collaborative robot arms automatically as per the orders placed through touch screen onsite with the payment systems supporting NFC payment. There are total four sections with four delivery windows to server all kinds of food and drinks to the consumers.