Lower Costs, Bigger Profits, Happier Customers


What is Robot Barista?

The robot barista is an automated coffee maker designed to deliver quality cups of coffee and excellent services to customers while providing them with the very best coffee experience. The AI robot barista is able to handle all the different processes involved in brewing the coffee on its own. These include:

Grinding beans

Squeezing coffee powder into a tamping

Extracting espresso

Cleaning and drying shot glass

Disposing of the coffee grounds

The robot barista helps make brewing coffee and other store operations more efficient, reduces labor costs, and improves future-oriented services.


What are the Benefits of Robot Barista?

The robot baristas were designed to make human lives easier, more enjoyable and provide a huge selection of beverage and coffee options. Some advantages of the robot barista include:

Deliver cups of coffee with great precision

Makes store operations more efficient

Ensures that coffee is available round the clock

Fast working cycles and eliminates long queues

Gather valuable insights into customer preferences

Able to multitask and keep clients happy

Reduces operation cost

Address the problems of shortage workforce and high turnover


Robot Barista That Will Print Your Face on Your Latte’s Foam

Give you a unique experience by having custome latte art on the foam of their cup. You are able to select preconfigured images at the order kiosk or if you are using the app you are even able to upload your own pictures. This is a great for the customer and great for the free marketing of the automated coffee kiosk.

Whether you want to treat yourself to a sweet latte, or a refreshing iced cappuccino, MOCA Café  has got your back. Invest today!

Post time: Jul-09-2022