How Exactly A Robotic Barista Brews Coffee

How Exactly A Robotic Barista Brews Coffee

As an intelligent unmanned coffee robot, how much technology it really has, outsiders may look like, just a simple order, production, delivery, unexpected is the technology it contains. Coffee robot and other intelligent robots, also contains a large number of technology concentration. Such as intelligent pulp system, not only requires a smooth flow of pulp, outflow control volume and direction must be controlled within plus or minus 0.5 grams; such as ice system, the general vending machine can only use crushed ice, while the coffee robot with a block of ice, the difficulty is to ensure that the weight of the angle of the large ice falling; and then the coffee robot “flexible production system” Buckle cover, coffee robot production swing robot arm, and so on, and so on all kinds of technical content of the system integration, are a qualified coffee robot necessary elements.

Here’s what robotic brewing looks like for an espresso, step by step:

1.     You select a coffee you want on a screen and pay for it with your card and phone.

2.     The robotic barista takes the cup, carries it to the coffee machine, and puts it down.

3.     After that, the robot picks the holder of the right size, brings it to the cleaning system, turns it over, and lowers it onto the cleaning blades.

4.     Meanwhile, the coffee grinder grinds the coffee beans.

5.     The robot carries the holder to the coffee machine, and the ground beans are immediately poured there.

6.     The next step: the holder is brought to the temper and a coffee tablet shapes up.

7.     Now the holder is returned to the coffee machine, an espresso starts pouring.

8.     The robotic barista gives you your order.

If you’d like a cappuccino, latte, or flat white, there is another step the barista takes: adding milk to your beverage. It’s also possible to sweeten the coffee with syrup or order an iced coffee drink.

In a nutshell, the process is identical to traditional coffee-making, including both process and ingredients. The only difference is that instead of a human you get the coffee shop treatment from a robot.

Post time: Oct-17-2022