Two-arm Coffee Latte Art robot Coffee kiosk

Touch screen ordering onsite.
Advanced two – arm robot coffee latte process and programming.
Coffee making operated by collaborative robot arm automatically.
Faver syrup supply automatically.
Ice and making by robot automatically, ice coffee is available
Vision interaction (illumination and touch screen) and sound interaction.
Kiosk surrounding real-time monitoring by camera
Kiosk inner hardware device status real-time monitoring and fault alarm
Android based operation management system
Balanced material status display and material supplement reminder
Consumption data analysis and export
User management and ordering management
Cashless payment system via Nayax.
Unique and innovative modeling design
Colors and styles can be customized

Product Detail


Voltage 220V 50Hz
Rated power 6000W
Dimension (L x W x H) 1405*1405*2000mm
Weight 600kg
Use environment indoor
Average production time 150 s
Maximum number of cups 100 cups/day
Cup size 8 oz
Coffee machine brand Franke
Ordering method WeChat app

Function Description

Use of cell phones for order taking

Fully automatic coffee operation by collaborative robot arm

Real-time monitoring of the internal hardware status of the coffee kiosk and fault alarm

Real-time display of remaining materials and material replenishment reminder

Background consumption data analysis and export

user management service and order management service

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Coffee Vending Machine (2)
Coffee Vending Machine (7)
Coffee Vending Machine (2)
Coffee Vending Machine (4)
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Coffee Vending Machine (6)

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