Robot Baristas: Why Coffee Shop Owners Have An Eye On Automation


Automation is no foreign concept for the coffee world. From the first espresso machine to vending kiosks, the attempts to simplify the process have kept evolving. The result is that robotic arm waving at you to come over for a latte. That’s an invitation a curious mind will find hard to decline ― after all, these coffee makers are still new to the market. The novelty, however, is likely to become a post-pandemic standard.
COVID-19 has hit coffee shops hard. While chains like Starbucks managed to stay afloat, independent coffee owners struggled to keep their businesses alive. Lockdowns aren’t the only hurdle here. Barista retention has been a sore subject for a while. With more people deciding to leave hospitality for good, finding a skillful barista has become a challenge.
The issues above sparked everyone’s interest in automation. By employing machines, coffee owners are striving to eliminate the following ‘threats’ to their businesses:
Staff turnover
Coffee taste inconsistency
COVID-19 restrictions (lockdowns & infection risks)


Another perk is that a cool robot inside a coffee house instantly helps businesses stand out. But can a machine compare to an experienced barista? Let’s find it out next time.

Post time: Sep-15-2022