Can Robot Really Make You a Coffee?


Just like human beings, not all machines are created equal. While some robotic options offer entertainment and speed only, others can surprise you with a high-quality drink.

In general, all the existing solutions can be put in three categories:

1) Automated kiosks: you can come across them pretty much everywhere these days, from airports to shopping malls. They don’t have impressive feats but can spare you the headache of waiting for your cappuccino. You just select the coffee you want and push the button.

2) A robotic arm + automated coffee machine: this combination is more fun. Typically, it looks like a small coffee point or kiosk where you can see the robotic manipulator. The robot can perform a dance or wave at the onlookers to engage with them. You can make an order with a contactless screen. As soon as you choose your coffee, the robot picks up a cup and takes it to the coffee machine waiting for the drink to pour. As soon as the cup is filled, the manipulator returns to you with your order. This is how Cafe X works.

3) A robotic barista: these are different. The solution looks like a coffee point, just like the previous one, but it’s equipped with a professional espresso machine, grinder, temper, and everything else from a branded coffee house. The robot’s day-to-day job here is more complicated because it actually brews coffee. MOCA cafe robot is a good case study of this solution.

Here a collaborative robot (cobot) has almost the same degree of motion a human limb has. The mobility makes it possible to mirror the movements of a professional barista, from start to finish. The result is obvious: better coffee.

Post time: Sep-23-2022