Fashion and Convenient Ordering Robot Receptionist

Ordering robot receptionist is specially designed for ordering with 21 inches touch screens. It can provide multiple interaction methods including vision and sound. The expression animation design can make this robot more humanoid. This product is basically a housing of touch screen equipped with sound guidance function to support the consumers to complete the ordering process easily.

  • Series: Others
  • Model No.: MOF011A
  • Product Detail

    Parameters of ordering robot receptionist MOF011A

    Dimension (WxHxD)  500x500x1600mm
    Application environment  Indoor
    Exterior design  Humanoid
    Touch screen  21 inches

    Ordering Robot Receptionist Features

    Fashion And Convenient Ordering Robot Receptionist (3)

    • Touch screen ordering on site

    • Vision and sound interaction for ordering guidance

    • Expression animation demonstration

    • QR code slip printing

    • NFC payment

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